About Bizzy Girls

Bizzy Teens: Ages 13-14 ( girls turning 13 with in 3 months of the start of camp will be permitted to enroll). Bizzy Teens will explore similar topics as below but content will be more in depth and challenging, specific to their age group. They will engage in more problem-solving scenarios and more emphasis will be put on the online marketing of their ecommerce stores. They will have a guest speaker.                                                                                                                          
 Bizzy Girls provides a well balanced program, with a very different feel then girls have had during home schooling over the last three months. Goals are to help girls develop and launch a business, create their own product line, open an ecommerce business, develop self confidence and grow through social interactions. Social emotional learning includes creating a growth mind set, setting goals, decision making, collaborative activities and overcoming fears, awareness of negative self-talk. For full day and the teen program a guest speaker will be a young female entrepreneur telling her story, including overcoming challenges and answering questions.                                                                                                
Day One Partial Example 
 Girls will get an overview of what the agenda is each day and write their goals in a journal.
1.Product development and creation: Student will have chosen a product and have supplies before the start of camp. Girls will discuss themes related to branding and create vision boards for their product development. This creative time is simultaneous where girls will be creatively working but not required to be looking at their screens. They can talk to each other and the teacher. Girls will share their products/ vision boards and get feedback from other girls.                                                                                                                                                                          
2.Discussion on hard parts of being an entrepreneur. What they learned if they are returning students. Give them a business problem, let them write how they could solve that problem and have them share.
  Homework assignment will be to ask an entrepreneur they know, ask what problem they had and how they solved it. This is part of creating a growth mind set, showing that we have to look at all situations as learning opportunities and problem solve- not judge ourselves as failing.                                                                                                              
3.Snack break
4.Creative time to work on products.
Course skills that are covered throughout the camp:
Identify Selling Points
Naming Company- Logos
Branding games
Plan of action for their business- marketing (including mini press releases)
Affirmation and empathy games
Guest female entrepreneur speaker
Discussions/social emotional learning activities that discuss things they are proud of, things that are feared and skills to overcome those fears (creating growth mind set)
Practicing speaking about their product.                                                                                                                         
Learning about capital, cost, profit. Learning to evaluate cost by learning fixed costs, buying in volume, how to bring costs down (this will also be a collaborative activity). Pricing products, getting feed back on prices (explaining focus groups).                                                                                                                                                                             
  Opening their own ecommerce store. NOTE: Girls chose a code when they open a store. Only people that have their code can purchase from them. If girls want to eventually make their stores public, they can do so by listing their code on their site.                                                                                                                                                                  
Photographing their products. Photos will need to be sent to email so they can be uploaded on to computer and then loaded on to stores.                                                                                                                                                    
Girls will learn how to design their store background and change design when desired.
Upload products, insert prices and write short descriptions of products.
How to use their dashboard (designed for tweens and teens to use and learn on
How to look at their inventory
How to look at their orders
How to update their site (all sites and updates must be approved by Bizzy Girls) before going live.
Shipping options: and how to figure out shipping costs if customers chose that option. Adding in how much they want to charge for shipping. 
Marketing their site                                                                                                                                                              
Parents will have to register stores. Girls can work on their stores when they are off their zoom screens, but we will be using screen share and showing them exactly how to open the store. They will be able to do this themselves.
Teachers are all female, licensed by their state and have been teaching virtually. A group of educators, all with a Master’s Degree in Education and have been teaching virtually, were instrumental in creating the updated curriculum and making sure it incorporated movement, socializing and creativity along with business and life skills. We want girls to have fun while learning.

 Bizzy Girls – 8-12 Groups of 12 max. Duration: 3 hour and 5 hour camps/one week (Mon – Fri)
  Junior Bizzy Girls  Ages 6 -8 
Bizzy Girls   Ages 8 -12
Bizzy Teens Ages 13-14  
see below for more age info